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Malt / Hops

Muntons Malts

Crushed Maris Otter Blend 'Pale' Ale 25 kg  £28.00

Crushed Lager 25 kg  £25.00

Crushed Brewing Wheat  25 kg £25.00

Crushed Maris Otter Pales Ale available in 3.5 kg and 7 kg

Coloured Malts available in various pack sizes:

  • Crystal 150

  • Chocolate 

  • Black

  • Aromatic

  • Carapils

  • Amber

Hops 14gm

Hop Pellets available in:

  • Fuggles

  • Goldings

  • Bramling Cross

  • Hallertau

  • Northern Brewer

  • Styrian Goldings.

Isomerised Hop Extract

This is specially prepared so that the alpha acids are available without boiling and it can be added to the finished beer to increase the bitterness.

Hop Extract Sachet

Hop Extract 28 ml

Hop Extract 57 ml

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