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Muntons has been manufacturing and supplying quality ingredients to the brewing industry since the company was incorporated in 1921. By using their vast experience and knowledge of malt extract production Courage has become a household name in the global home beer making world.

Muntons extensive ranges of beer making kits emulate some of the finest beer styles available in the world today such as these classic ales from Courage.


Courage Directors

Distinctly superior by name and nature, Courage Directors was originally brewed exclusively for the directors of the Alton brewery until demand decreed this most distinguished of beverages was also made available to the rank and file. A good job too. The ruling class knew just what they were doing when they tried to keep this classic ale to themselves. A rich, chestnut hued, full-bodied brew boasting a clean, bitter taste balanced with burnt, orange peel notes and a dry-hop aroma and flavour, Directors is today as rightly popular across the entire country as it is in its native London heartlands. 

Courage Best Bitter

With over 200 years of brewing pedigree, Courage Best Bitter retains its widespread popularity. This beer kit allows you to enjoy the classic taste of Courage Best Bitter beer brewed by you at home.

Pale in colour, fully balanced with a malty flavour and distinctive hop character, makes for an easy drinking session beer.

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